With these tips, you can save your phone battery

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With these tips, you can save your phone battery
With these tips, you can save your phone battery

Most of us can’t imagine life without a cell phone, which is why a flat battery and a frantic search for an outlet is one of the scariest scenarios imaginable today.

The battery of the newer iPhone, with moderate consumption, should last up to 24 hours, but let’s be realistic, we’re all on mobile non-stop and that’s really over-optimistic. That’s why Business Insider has put together five tips to slow down battery consumption.

Although the tips apply to the iPhone, they can also be applied to mobile with Android operating systems.

Check which apps are consuming the most battery power

You can check this on both iPhones and Androids. Simply select the Battery option in Settings and the applications will be listed there according to battery consumption. After that, you can turn off those applications that consume more batteries or maybe use them less, if you don’t really need them.

Screen brightness

Unless it’s a really sunny day and the light is shining in all directions, there’s no need to keep your screen brightness at maximum. Reduce the “brightness” to the lowest level where you can still normally see everything that happens on the screen and the battery of the mobile will be very grateful.

Turn off Wi-Fi or mobile data

When you are connected to Wi-Fi, turn off mobile data and vice versa, there is no need for both options to be constantly on and both to swallow your battery at the same time. If you are not addicted to Instagram, so it happens that you do not need an internet connection at all, and you do not want anyone to disturb you with calls and messages, turn on airplane mode.

Turn off location

When you don’t need it, turn off location tracking on your phone. You will save a lot on battery.

Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode turns on when you are already running out of battery power, but you can act preventively and turn on this mode earlier to save energy by limiting background activity while you’re on the phone.

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