There are 3.8 billion people online, 6.3 hours a day online

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There are 3.8 billion people online, 6.3 hours a day online
There are 3.8 billion people online, 6.3 hours a day online

An annual report on the “state of the Internet” in America and the world was published this week, as the media christened an influential and very detailed presentation on Internet trends prepared by the well-known American investor and analyst Mery Miker since 1995.

The Queen of the Internet, as she is still called in Silicon Valley, presented a number of interesting data and market trends on as many as 333 slides at one of the leading global technology conferences, the Code Conference in Arizona, and dedicated a special part to development in China; She barely mentioned Europe a few times, which speaks volumes about the American focus and European importance in the world of the Internet.


Thematically, Miker covers everything from data on user growth (currently more than half of the world’s population is online, or 3.8 billion people, but user growth is slowing), to market indicators (for example, e-commerce in the US has reached 15 percent of the total and growing faster than traditional trade), to a comparison of regulatory frameworks for Internet access, content and its use in different regions of the world (in the US it is most loosely regulated, Europe is in the middle, moderately regulated, and China is at the other end , with strong state oversight). As many as 53 percent of the world’s Internet users are located in the Asia-Pacific region, and China is the largest single Internet market with about 800 million users.

In the latest survey, 26 percent of American adults admitted that they were “almost constantly” online (21 percent three years ago), and as many as 39 percent of those aged 18 to 29 who are online almost constantly.

Today, around 2.4 billion players are involved in interactive video games in the world, which is a jump of 6% compared to 2017, and the most popular game in the world is Fortnite, backed by Epic Games, and it has as many as 250 million users. Fear about privacy Miker pointed out that out of the ten companies globally most valuable in terms of market capitalization, as many as seven of them come from the technology sector, and among the 30 largest Internet companies, as many as 18 are American.

The online advertising revenue of these tech giants has slowed slightly this year (growth is still high, about 20 percent in the first quarter, up from 37 percent growth in the year before), Google and Facebook hold most of the advertising pie, but other platforms are also growing – Amazon, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest.

There are still challenges – the number of sold smartphones decreased by 4% last year, and stagnated the year before.

Where is the noticeable jump? Revenue from cloud services from Google, Amazon and Microsoft reached a total of $ 14 billion, a jump of 58 percent compared to the previous year. Today, statistics show, more data is stored in the cloud than on the servers of private companies or home computers.

As people’s fears about data privacy have heightened, the security of online communication is becoming increasingly important for technology companies and their sales revenue.

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