Perfect photos with the new Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones

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Perfect photos with the new Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones
Perfect photos with the new Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones

Let’s be honest, we all want those flawless photos that we can brag about to our family and friends, but sometimes our smartphones let us down and the photo doesn’t turn out exactly the way we want it to. The latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones S10e, S10 and S10 + they come with cameras that will capture all your magical moments as a professional photographer would.

A whole set of lenses in your pocket

The Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10 + smartphones come with multifunction cameras that will revolutionize your photos and videos. Galaxy S10 + has three rear and two front cameras, Galaxy S10 three rear and one front camera, while the Galaxy S10e it has two rear and one front camera. The main rear camera of all three models can record videos in extremely high UHD @ 60 FPS quality, and the front camera can record UHD videos for all your selfie memories for the first time. You’ll also be able to boast extremely stable videos, similar to those on action cameras, thanks to the new super stabilization function. Also, after for the first time in the mobile industry the rear camera has the ability to record in HDR10 + quality.

With the help of five Galaxy S10 cameras and in combination with artificial intelligence, you will get photos that you used to be able to take only on professional cameras. The rear smart cameras on these smart devices will even suggest composition and automatically optimize the camera settings according to the scene you want to capture, and the innovative front camera has been redesigned for perfect selfies. Feel free to experiment with the depth of the field and the artistic effects to make your selfies even better.

You are ready to take photos day and night

With these smart devices, you will no longer have problems with too bright or too dark photos. The double aperture adjusts and optimizes the light before touching the shutter button, so all your photos from night out, but also those in bright daylight, will turn out perfectly.

Let everyone know that #withGalaxy has been recorded

To let everyone see your perfect photos taken with the S10e, S10 and S10 +, Samsung has made it possible to connect directly to your favorite social networks from the camera app. Now you can easily share your art photos and videos as soon as they are ready and watch the number of likes grow.

You can find more information about the devices themselves here.

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